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How to Stop Household Clutter Now

February 20, 2018 1:38 am Published by Comments Off on How to Stop Household Clutter Now

New Homes in Chelsea AL

Whether you’ve just moved into one of the new homes in Chelsea AL or are preparing to move into one, the packing process always makes people aware of just how much clutter they really have. Although it may be tempting to just throw everything in a moving box and deal with it later, don’t let it take over your new home. Ideally, you’ll get rid of it before you move, but if not, here are tips on how to stop household clutter from taking over.

All too often, there’s a pile of worn-out shoes gathering dust and taking up space in front closets or by backdoors or garage entrances. Now is the time to get rid of any shoes that you’re not going to repair and that need to be replaced or at least thrown away. Don’t forget to check your bedroom closets, too.

While you’re in your closets, go through them and pull out any clothes you know you’re not going to wear again. Recycle torn clothing into cleaning rags, and anything that is in good shape but unlikely to be worn can be consigned or given to charity. Be honest with yourself and don’t hold onto clothing you know you won’t or can’t wear. Don’t forget to go through your children’s closets, too. If you can’t bear to give up some of their clothes, at least pack them away properly and put them in storage.

The bathroom is a clutter magnet, no matter how much counter space and storage space you have. Go through all medicine and get rid of anything that is out of date, unidentified or is taking up more space than it has doses. Now is also the time to go through any and all makeup you have, from full sizes to samples. Get rid of anything that smells, of course, but also toss anything that you know is too old or that you never use. If you have unused samples that you don’t want, pass them along to friends or family who may be interested. Don’t forget to toss worn out hair brushes, combs, and any other products that are past their prime.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, but it is also where much of the clutter takes hold. Start by getting rid of any cookbooks you never use. If there’s only one or two recipes that you use, take a photo of them or make some copy and get rid of the rest of the book. Don’t forget to thin out the delivery menu pile, too. Speaking of multiples, get rid of any multiple utensils that you never use, as well as things like lids without a container.

Go through the countertops and drawers and get rid of the trash and out-dated chargers and other cords hanging around. Ideally, keep one box where you can store all of your current chargers, cords, etc., in one neat spot. A lidded-box is also a great storage place for all of your remote controls.

One of the keys to keeping new homes in Chelsea AL clutter-free is by making sure every item has a designated spot. Also try to work on the principle of one new item in means one old item out. Don’t just shove things in drawers or put them out into the garage to be dealt with at some future date. Get rid of them now. Be tough, be brutal, and if you’re moving, think about whether you really want to deal with that item in your new home. It’s much easier to throw away items or recycle them now than have to pack them up and find a new home for them.





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