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Warranty Information

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty

Scotch Homes strives to build the very best home we can possibly build. However, building a new home requires working with a large variety of products and coordinating subcontractors and vendors to assemble those products correctly. So, despite our best efforts, we’ve never built a perfect home. We understand the importance of the quality standards that should come with your new home and that you have made a large investment and it should function properly. This is why we stand behind our work with a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. What is 2-10? 2-10 HBW is a One Year Limited Workmanship Warranty, 2 Year Systems Warranty and a 10 Year Structural Warranty. In your warranty booklet you will see what is covered as a deficiency, our responsibility to correct that deficiency and what is normal under the construction performance guidelines. The Construction Performance Guidelines followed in the 2-10 HBW go hand in hand with The National Association of Home Builders Construction Performance Guidelines. All of the below information is also listed in the 2-10 Warranty Booklet that you are given at the time of signing your Purchase Agreement, but we thought we would hit the high points.

In order to manage your Warranty effectively, we have developed the procedures outlined below. These procedures are designed to make the Warranty Process efficient and effective, and they have been developed over time based on our extensive experience. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures so that you will know what to expect from the Warranty Process during your first year.

Scotch Homes has two team members dedicated to servicing your Warranty. They are:

Warranty Coordinator

  • The Warranty Coordinator fields Warranty emails from customers and logs these items into our warranty software program.

Project Manager

  • The Project Manager is the person responsible for building the new homes in your neighborhood as well as servicing your One-Year Limited Warranty.

There are 3 different categories of Warranty Service:

  • 30-Day Warranty Service Request
  • 11-Month Warranty Service Request
  • Emergency Request

30-Day Warranty Service Request

After closing you will submit your 30 Day Warranty Service Request Form provided to you at closing along with your Maintenance Manual. Our Warranty Coordinator will review the request and if there are deficiencies covered by the 2-10 Warranty manual, the Project Manager will schedule with you a date and time for those items to be completed that is at least 8 days after the 30-Day Visit. This is to make sure the Project Manager has enough time to schedule each trade/vendor and to make sure any required materials are ordered and delivered on time.
On the day of your scheduled Warranty Work, please make sure that someone is at home during the scheduled time and remains there while work is being performed. Once all items have been completed, you will be asked to sign the Warranty Request List indicating your acknowledgement that the 30-Day Warranty Request List has been completed.

11-Month Warranty Request

An 11-Month Warranty Request is available to you near the end of your One Year Warranty Period to ensure that all Warranty Requests submitted before your One Year Limited Warranty expires. The 11-Month Visit is optional and must be requested by you using the 11 Month Warranty Request form provided to you at closing. This form must be received no later than the expiration date of your one year warranty term listed on your warranty certificate.
In the event that you have Warranty Items that need to be addressed at this time, you will need to email the Warranty Requests to the Warranty Coordinator so that they may review the list. From there, the process will work the same way as the 30-Day Warranty Visit. Again, you will be asked to initial the list of Warranty Requests generated at the 11-Month Visit at completion indicating your acknowledgement that the appropriate repairs have been made.

Emergency Repair Request

An Emergency Repair Request will be accepted at any time. Examples of Emergency Repair items are listed in your 2-10 Warranty Booklet as well but here are a couple:
• Mechanical failure (i.e. an air conditioner or water heater malfunction)
• Water leaks

If the Emergency occurs outside of normal business hours, please call one of the Emergency Numbers included on the list of Helpful Numbers included in your Closing Packet.

One Time Repairs*

As your new home adjusts to varying seasonal conditions during your first year, certain items may require maintenance such as:
• Caulking separation or cracks
• Grout separation or cracks
• Countertop separation from the wall
• Nail pops in drywall

These items are available for a one-time repair which can be scheduled during either your 30-Day or 11-Month Visit. We advise waiting until the 11-Month Visit to schedule these so that you get the maximum benefit of the repair.

We strive to keep our customers informed about the status of their Warranty Requests as often as possible. However, certain situations require that we find answers to questions from our vendors and other trades. Sometimes these answers are not available immediately and take time to obtain. If this situation applies to you, we will do our best to obtain information as quickly as possible. We will also communicate the status of your request every few days, but if you desire information more quickly then please feel free to email our Warranty Coordinator at warranty@scotchhomes.com for an update.

General Notes on Warranty Work
• ALL WARRANTY REPAIR REQUESTS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING. In order for Scotch Homes to properly manage our warranty system, all Warranty Requests must be submitted in writing via email (warranty@scotchhomes.com) and in accordance with the 2-10 HBW protocol.
• Warranty Repairs will only be scheduled to begin AND end during NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS of M-F 8am-5pm. We DO NOT schedule warranty work (except for emergencies) on weekends or after business hours. Our subcontractors and vendors typically work only during normal business hours so these are the only times that work can be performed. In addition, Scotch Homes does not have staff available on weekends to handle service requests properly. We realize that this can often create a problem with work schedules and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
• Some Warranty Repairs may require visits from more than one trade. When this happens, we do our best to schedule all the trades on the same day but some cases require multiple trades, and therefore multiple days, to complete. You will be required to be at home during each of those days in order for us to complete the work.
• You will be asked to initial each item on the 30-day and 11-month Warranty Request Forms when the work has been completed signifying that the work has been done to your satisfaction. We ask for the initials in order for us to keep a record of quality control. If you choose not to initial an item after the work has been performed and the Project Manager determines that the work has been done to our Building Quality Standards, he will note that on the form and initial it himself for our files.
• Driveways, Concrete cracks and Landscaping are not covered under your Limited Warranty Agreement in most cases, but please note the warranty booklet for more information on these items.


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    Client Testimonials

    We had a wonderful experience having our home built by Wayne Scotch and the Scotch Homes Team. They were very patient in helping us get ready to start the project and even helped us find the perfect location. He was always available to help us through each step and to explain everything. Wayne's wife, Stefani, works hard behind the scenes to make sure that orders are placed and deadlines are met. She is also available to answer questions and to make recommendations! We felt that our house was always of the utmost importance to Wayne and his team! Now that the house is finished, we are so glad that we had Scotch Homes do the building. The quality and workmanship in our home is very obvious. Wayne and the entire Scotch Homes team are extremely honest, caring people and their Christian concern is a huge part of their business. There could not be a better company or a better builder anywhere than Scotch Homes. We recommend them highly and we are very grateful that we found them!Jim and Maria Brandt
    After living in the same home for 28+ years, we decided to build a home. We feel so fortunate to have contracted with Scotch Homes and Land Development for the project. Scotch Homes listened to what we wanted in our new home, provided house plans that met our needs and made wonderful suggestions throughout the building process. We were amazed at the progress each day when we visited the construction site. Scotch Homes constructed a quality built home that we love, in a very convenient location on a great lot! Their team provided us with contacts for selections of our lighting, flooring, etc, emailed me when selections were due, and provided a valued opinion about selections when I asked for her help. Not only are we thankful that Scotch Homes built our home, we also are blessed to now call them our friends.
    Butch and Rhonda Hobbs
    From the moment we met with Scotch Homes, they listened to all the different things we wanted to include into our new home. They discussed every step. The budgets we had for brick, lighting , flooring and even the landscaping were generous enough that I could stay in budget and not go over.

    Besides being a great builder Scotch Homes is a great company that takes pride in their work. I recommend Scotch Homes to everyone I meet. If you have thought about building a home with Scotch Homes ,I promise, you will have a wonderful time!
    Jim and Mitzi Wehby