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Alternative Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

August 9, 2020 4:37 pm Published by Comments Off on Alternative Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

We all know that Alabama summers are serious and our AC is one of our most treasured possessions. No matter how much you love summer, you want your homes in

Chelsea AL to be fresh, cool, and comfortable. With a new Scotch home, you’re already a step ahead in keeping your home cool this summer, thanks to new materials and sound building plans, but here are some other ways to beat the summer heat and keep your home cool and inviting.

First off, always make sure your AC unit is properly maintained. It’s worthwhile to have it checked at the start of the summer, just to make sure it’s working at full capacity and not costing you valuable money by running inefficiently.

If you’ve just moved in to your home, you may still be planning your landscaping. One idea that will pay off in the long run is planting shade trees that will block some of the worst sun from getting into your home. You don’t have to plant them right next to your home, just far enough out to help block the sun from coming into rooms you use the most, providing some useful shade.

When it comes to your windows, make sure you choose energy efficient windows to help keep an even temperature year round. You can also install heat-reducing window film that doesn’t interfere with your view, but helps reduce a great deal of the ambient heat that comes into your home through the windows. We all love big windows that let in natural light, but the heat they let in isn’t always appreciated. Plus, the easy-to-install window film helps keep heat in during the winter, as well. Of course, if you have blinds, make use of them during the sunniest parts of the day. If you have horizontal louvered blinds, try turning them so they face upward, further blocking some of the light and heat from getting in during the day.

Unless you’re trying to cool off specific rooms with AC, it helps to keep doors within the house open to keep air circulating, especially in areas that aren’t open plan. If you have an upstairs level with primarily bedrooms, keep the doors open as much as possible to help the air move more freely. Upstairs or downstairs, also consider adding in ceiling fans, as they do a great job in circulating air and helping reduce the heat in rooms, especially in bedrooms and family rooms.

If you have rooms that just seem to stay warm, despite your best efforts, consider a portable AC unit, although many require some sort of venting, such as through a window. Still, they can provide good cooling in smaller areas. Mini-split air conditioners are another option when venting isn’t possible. These splits between built-ins and wall units are a compact, quiet way to get some extra cooling power into certain rooms.

These are just a few ways to help keep your home cool and give your AC unit a break from time to time. Don’t forget to make the most of your programmable thermostats in your homes in Chelsea AL, and put your patios to good use and grill out instead of heating up your kitchens with the oven and stove. Enjoy a delicious grilled summer meal and the comfort of a cool new home.

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